How to Use a Projector with iPhone 4 – Setup Instructions

You can use a projector with your iPhone 4 to display on-screen items on a large screen. Use it with your existing projector or home theatre to display movies and images or watch and listen to your iPhone or iPod through your TV. Share multimedia content from your digital device, from the boardroom to the media room. Follow the tutorial below to connect and use a projector with iPhone 4 .

Setup to use Projector with iPhone 4 :

  • Get a composite audio video cable for iPhone 4 from Amazon link .
  • Connect it to your iPhone as shown below . iphone 4 composite cable audio video
  • Get any multimedia projector like Epson which offers amazing color and image quality .
  • Now take the AV component ends (red white yellow) of the cable and connect it with the audio video input ports of your projector  or TV as shown below . iphone 4 compatible projector
  • You are now ready to start using your iPhone 4 to display on-screen items on a large screen using the projector .

The above tutorial is also applicable for iPod Touch 4 and iPad  .