How to Upgrade to iPhone 4S for Free

We assume that you already have the iPhone 4 and want to upgrade to new iPhone 4S which Apple just released . Here are a few tips to upgrade to your new iPhone 4S and cover the cost by selling off your old iPhone 4 . Dont forget to read the awesome iPhone 4S Features and why you should upgrade .

siri iphone 4S

  • Get your iPhone 4 Ready for Resale : First you have to get your old iPhone in good condition so that you get the best price on sale . You have to do things like clean your phone and remove and scratches using scratch removal solutions , restore and remove jailbreak if any .
  • Update to latest firmware : You will get the best price for your device if it your iphone is running the latest firmware . iOS updates come for free and can be done via iTunes online . Just connect your phone with the USB cable and update as shown below . itunes_update
  • Unlock iPhone 4 : Selling an unlocked iphone 4 is an added advantage . You can use Ultrasn0w or Gevey Sim based unlock for your phone .
  • Giveaway iPhone Accessories : You can also offer the accessories you bought for your iPhone 4 and give it away for free . This also increases the over value of your item on sale and doubles the sale opportunities . You can give away things like protective shield , cases , usb adapters .
  • Sell your iPhone 4 : The final step in this process is to sell the phone in the right place so you get the best value for your used iPhone 4. Online portals like NextWorth and Gazelle offer good price for used iPhone 4 . You can also choose to list your device on sites like Amazon , Ebay and Craigslist. Read this post for more details .

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