How to Upgrade iPhone 4 to iOS 5

There are three ways  to upgrade iPhone 4 to iOS 5 . All the methods are explained below . Upgrading to iOS 5 required iTunes 10.5 and a good internet connection to download the firmware files .

Method 1 : Update via iTunes Automatically .

  1. First download iTunes 10.5 on your computer (MAC – PC)
  2. Now launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable .
  3. iTunes should detect your connected device and search for update . If not go to step 4 .
  4. Go to Help tab on the top of iTunes window and select “Check for Updates” as shown below . itunes_update
  5. Now iTunes will connect with Apple servers and check for latest updates .  You should soon be able to see an update notification window as shown here iOS 5 ipsw Download

Method 2 : Manually Update using iTunes and IPSW Files

iOS firmware files are also called ipsw files as they end with .ipsw file extension . These files can be downloaded directly from Apple Servers . iTunes update method explained above automates the downloading and selection of the right ipsw for your device . Follow the steps below to manually update using firmware files

  1. Download iOS 5 ipsw for your device (iPhone 4 3GS iPod Touch 4 3G iPad & Apple TV)
  2. Download iTunes 10.5
  3. Launch iTunes and connect your device .
  4. Now press SHIFT key on your PC keyboard/ ALT in MAC Keyboard and select UPDATE button on iTunes as shown below iphone restore update
  5. This will open a window for file selection . Navigate to the downloaded iOS 5 ipsw file and select it .  The update process will now begin .

Method 3 : Upgrade to iOS 5 and Preserve Baseband

rednow ios 5 jailbreak redsn0w

iPhone Dev Team has come up with new updated Redsnow 0.9.9b5 for Mac and Sn0wbreeze 2.8 beta 8 for Windows users which can create custom ipsw file that can be used to preserve baseband required fo Gevey Sim and Ultrasn0w unlock users .

Gevey Sim Users :

Thos who depend on Gevey Sim Unlock can use Method 3 explained above to update using Redsn0w custom iOS 5 ipsw file while preserving original baseband . Gevey Sim works only on baseband 04.10.01 and older. Directly updating to iOS 5 using the above mentioned techniques will update your baseband hence render the Gevey Sim useless .

iPhone Jailbreak Users :

Jailbreak users can follow the article here – Upgrade Jailbroken iPhone 4 for upgrading and preserving old jailbreak apps . Read our iOS 5 jailbreak tutorials for details.

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