How to Unlock iPhone 4S

We have some reports that the GSM iPhone 4S can be unlocked on iOS 5 firmware due to a bug existing on the operating system. This method requires No Jailbreaking or use of Gevey Sim . No editing of system files is required . Follow the steps below to unlock iPhone 4S .


Update : More iPhone Unlock Solution

Please Note that this method has not been tried and tested by us but have been proved successful by many iPhone 4S users .Works on AT&T locked iPhone 4S in the United States with a T-Mobile sim card . Results with other carriers may vary . Use your local sim card wherever there is a mention of using T-Mobile sim in the tutorial below .

Steps to Unlock iPhone 4S :

  1. Insert your official AT&T Sim card inside the iPhone 4S and dial 611 for customer service . Disconnect the call as it starts ringing .
  2. Turn on Airplane Mode and take out the AT&T Sim card and replace with your T-Mobile Sim card .
  3. Turn off WiFi .
  4. Turn off Airplane Mode
  5. Your handset will now search for a network, and the Activation Required screen will pop up.
  6. When your device finds an EDGE network and shows “E” , wait for 30 seconds and turn off the phone .
  7. Power on the phone and you should see the same Activation Screen as before
  8. Once you see One Signal bar , tap on the Use Cellular Connection option .
  9. Eject the sim card now
  10. Activation Required screen should pop up again
  11. Now re-insert the T-Mobile Sim card .

You device is now unlocked for use with T-Mobile Sim Card . This process may require repeated tries for a succesful attempt . Let us know how it went for you and the carrier you used . Leave your comments  below .