How to Unlock iPhone 4S using R-Sim

From the feedback received from many jailbreak readers of our blog it appears that R-Sim can successfully carrier unlock iPhone 4S using a Gevey Sim like interposer sim . Follow the instructions below to unlock your carrier locked iPhone 4S and use with your local micro sim card like T-Mobile . R-Sim requires No 112 Dialing .


Steps to Unlock iPhone 4S using R-Sim :

  1. Buy R-Sim for your iPhone 4S
  2. Take out the sim tray from your iPhone 4S by inserting a pin in the hole
  3. Use the R-Sim adapter and place your sim card on it
  4. Insert the R-Sim sim tray inside your iPhone 4S (as shown in the image below) r sim 4
  5. Wait for a few seconds before your carrier name appears under “Searching” .

That is it . Your iPhone 4S is now unlocked and ready for use with the new carrier sim card . For any R-Sim related problems and questions , visit our Forum .

Update : More iPhone 4S Unlock Solutions

Update 2 : R Sim 4 is going to be released soon which can unlock iPhone 4 04.11.08 baseband . You can get the latest R-Sim Alerts by Subscribing to our Free iPhone Unlock Newsletter below . The price of  R Sim 4 is quite moderate, one sim interposer kit will cost you around $60 and you can order it directly from the official website once it’s available for orders. Amazon will however list this tem at a uch cheaper price . You can check the latest R Sim price here .