How to Transfer Old iPhone Data to new iPhone 5

Looking to transfer all your old contacts and data over from an old iPhone to a new iPhone 5 ? It’s easy , Read on to learn how .

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There are two ways to back up your iPhone, from iCloud or iTunes, both are easy but if you are running an iOS earlier than 5 or you haven’t activated iCloud then you’ll have to use the iTunes method, which is listed second on this page.

Steps to back up via iCloud:

  1. On your old iPhone go into Settings > iCloud and when prompted log in with your Apple ID
  2. Switch the marker to ‘on’ or ‘off’ depending on what you want to back up to iCloud
  3. Scroll down the page to Storage and Backup and tap ‘Back up now’
  4. Once the back up has successfully completed boot up your iPhone 5 – be aware that if you have already started using your iPhone 5 you will need to restore it to factory settings . Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings. This will restart your iPhone and allow you to follow the next steps
  5. Follow the prompts until the phone asks if you would like to “Restore from iCloud”
  6. Once the iPhone has completed the back up, which can take upwards of several minutes depending on the amount of data and your internet speed

You are done . All your personal data will be on your brand new iPhone 5 .

Steps to back up from iTunes:

  1. Connect your old iPhone to the computer and if iTunes doesn’t launch automatically open it manually
  2. Right click on your iPhone under ‘Devices’ and click back up
  3. Once the back up has completed and eject and disconnect your phone
  4. Boot up your iPhone 5 and follow the on screen prompts until you can choose ‘Restore from iTunes’
  5. Connect your iPhone to the computer
  6. Launch iTunes and ensure you select the most recent back up from the restore drop down menu and click ‘Continue’
  7. Once the back up has completed your iPhone will restart

You have successfully backed up your iPhone 5 . Congratulations and enjoy your new phone .