How to Transfer Files and Music on iPhone 5 without iTunes

While most of us are happy to use iTunes to transfer music and other files, sometimes it just isn’t convenient, and it is nice to have a choice of applications to use as well  There are several ways you can transfer your files without having to sync with iTunes first, both for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.  Here are some of those alternatives :


Copytrans Manager requires no jailbreak to work. It also requires no installation, just a simple download onto our device or a USB stick and you can use it on any PC.  It allows for fast and easy transfer of files, music and videos between your device and your PC or iTunes.  All files can be edited, deleted, information added or played on your PC. It supports all iPhones. iPads and iPods except for the Nano 6G and it supports Windows 7, XP and VISTA.

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iFunbox is a Windows application, there is no MAC support available. It can be used to install .IPA files with no internet connection, transfer any files you want, import and export without having to sync with iTunes and it can be used for mass storage. No jailbreak is required to use it.


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iPhone Explorer is another free app that is compatible with both Windows and Mac.  It’s similar to iFunbox but more simplistic and with fewer features. However it is easy to transfer files using the drag and drop method and it is compatible with all devices.

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DiskAid is again very similar to iFunbox but has a lot more features. As well as all of the file transfer and import/export methods for music and videos it also allows you to share your contacts list and export your call history, text messages and voice mails to your PC.  It can also be used as a mass storage device and is available on a free 14 day trial. Thereafter it costs $29.90 although you may be able to pick up a promotion price of $19.90 .


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Bridge is for jailbroken devices. As soon as jailbreak for iPhone 5 is out , you can download this app from Cydia .  It allows you to download and move files from your device to your media library easily. While it does work best with Safari Download Manager it can be used as a standalone application as well.  Transfers are easy and you can import from the internet as well as using another jailbreak app called ProTube to d0wnl0ad YouTube videos.  You can preview your files before importing them and, once they are downloaded you can edit, add information such as album covers and set your tunes as ringtones if you wish.  Bridge is available from the Big Boss Repository on Cydia for $1.99 .

UPDATE – 14/01/2015

All of the above options have been updated to support iOS 8 and will work on the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as the latest iPad Air 2 and Mini 3. A new app that doesn’t require you to jailbreak is now available in the App store and its called WALTR. For full details on how to download and use it, visit this page.

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