How to Transfer Blackberry Contacts to iPhone

So you’ve traded your Blackberry in for an iPhone or you’re looking to but you want to know how much work transferring your data over is going to be. Well don’t worry; moving your contacts from one device to the other is very straightforward all you have to do is follow these seven steps .

contacts transfer - blackberry to iphone

Steps to Transfer Blackberry Contacts to iPhone :

  1. Go to on your Blackberry . Now click and install the app for blackberry and enter your phone number.
  2. After it has installed launch the app and enter you Gmail account, or make one if you don’t have one already. The app will upload your calendar contacts as well , which is handy if you have any important dates coming up  as you know you won’t lose this information!
  3. Start the sync and wait until the upload has completed.
  4. On your computer go to and make sure all your contacts are there.
  5. Once you have your shiny new iPhone go to Settings > Mail, Contacts and Calendars > Add account > Microsoft Exchange
  6. Enter your email and username in the appropriate boxes. In Server type in . Leave the domain section blank.
  7. Select what calendars, Gmail messages and contacts you want synced to your new phone.

Viola ! It’s as simple as that . Now you have transferred all your Blackberry contacts details into your new iPhone .

Tip : Use these contacts to synchronize with your Facebook friends . Your iPhone contacts are also added on Viber for making Free WiFi calls whenever a users has installed Free Viber app on their phone . Viber is also supported on Android , Windows and Symbian phones .

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