How to use iPhone for Spying

Every 4th generation iOS device [iphone 4 ipad 1-2 ipod Touch 4] comes with Free MobileMe Service from Apple  which can be configured to Trace your lost device. The setup is easy and one time only . The FindMyiPhone application runs in the background of your iDevice at all times when “turned on” . It works silently and wont appear in the multitasking switcher menu .

mobileme-iphone-4-setup tutorial

You can read how to set up MobileMe on your idevice here . After the initial setup . You can easily trace your lost iphone and do the following things :

  • Send a message to your device or Play an alert sound – Useful when sending details where the lost device can be returned .
  • Wipe all content – Remove all private information on the device avoiding any misuse
  • Lock it with passcode .

Uses of Free MobileMe FindMyiPhone Feature :

  • Trace your lost iPhone iPod Touch 4 iPad 1-2 and help recover it
  • Parents can find the location of their kids carrying iPhone . Can be used for spying too as noting appears on the phone when you are locating it.

How to Find your iPhone :

  1. After you have Setup Mobileme on your device , login to . Use your Apple ID here . If you are accessing this page from your other iOS device , you may have to install Free FindMyiPhone app from AppStore before you can start locating your lost device . Follow the instruction and proceed next .find my iphone app
  2. After the login is complete you will see your registered device in the left sidebar
  3. Select the device you want to trace and MobileMe will start locating it using WiFi and other inputs like GPS and coordinates sent by the service provider  . tracing iphone 4
  4. locate lost iphone 4

Disclaimer : We only recommend using the spying feature for rightful purpose only . We do not mean breach of anyone’s privacy without their consent.