How to Sync Firefox with iPhone 4

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user , you can now sync and transfer your browser bookmarks , history , passwords , preferences and tabs to your iPhone 4 . You can then access all these from your mobile device

Steps to Sync Firefox with iPhone 4 :

  1. First create a sync account with your email id on Firefox browser on your desktop . firefox syncnew firefox sync account
  2. After the account is created and synced online with Firefox Sync Server goto iTunes and download FireFox Home app on your iPhone 4 . This is a free application .
  3. Launch the Application and allow it to generate an authentication code for your device .firefox sync passcode
  4. Use this authentication code [as shown in the image above] while adding the device to your Firefox Sync Server account via desktop browser . firefox syncsafari sync firefox
  5. Thats it. Your Firefox Home app will now show all the synced data which you can access from your phone .

This above method works on iPhone iPod Touch and iPad . You must download Firefox Home App to sync the data whenever you want .
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