How to SSH into Iphone 4 using WinScp – Access System Files

SSH allows you to transfer files between your computer and iPhone 4 [iPod Touch and iPad aswell].This includes accessing system files which is locked by the firmware. SSH requires you to first jailbreak your device using the available jailbreak tools and install OpenSSH Jailbreak app. Follow the steps below to install and use SSH on your Iphone 4.

Steps to install and use WinScp SSH Tool :

  1. Jailbreak your iphone 4 and install Cydia
  2. Launch Cydia , Search OpenSSH jailbreak app and install it [as shown in the image below]. open ssh win scp
  3. Now we have to obtain an IP Address for our device to SHH into it using WinScp [Download Link below]. You can download CyberDuck for Mac Systems . Goto Settings and choose WiFi as shown in the image below . Connect to a wireless router before proceeding . wifi select iphone 4
  4. As shown in the image above , my device IP Address is It will be different for your device based on what IP your router has assigned to it . We will use this reference value in WinScp for logging into the root . Please note that its is Not the Default IP Address for all iDevices .
  5. Download and launch WinScp on your Windows System. Enter your IP Address in the window as shown below . Enter root as username and alpine as password for your device. winscp
  6. WinScp will now connect to your device. In the next warning dialogue box select Update or Add and proceed. Few seconds later you will be logged into /private/var/root directory of your device .winscp folder view
  7. Press Cltr+T to open terminal and issue commands .

You can now access all the internal files locked by iOS . This tutorial can be used to access files inside your idevice to change boot logos and edit files used for jailbreaking and other jailbreak related tasks .

Download WinScp here .

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