How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S4

When you buy a new Galaxy S4 phone, most of the time it is locked to a specific carrier. If you are a traveler, you want to be able to use different SIM cards to get cheaper rate calls when you are on your travels.  Mostly though, it’s just nice to be able to have the choice of which carrier to use to get the best deal.

galaxy-s4-unlock (1)

There are a couple of ways of getting your Galaxy S4 Unlocked – either ask your carrier or find a reliable IMEI unlock service on the internet. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 – the GT-I9505 model in particular, you can unlock it yourself.  This is another procedure that you do at your own risk. Messing around with your phone’s settings is not recommended unless you know what you are doing and we cannot be held responsible for any problems that arise.  Here are the instructions:

Steps to Unlock Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 Only:

  1. Launch the Phone app on your Home Screen
  2. Dial *#0011#
  3. Hold the  Menu button down for a second and the press the  Back button. Hold Menu, s select KEY INPUT, 1, OK and servicemode will open unlock-galaxy-s4 (1)


  1. Hold down the  Menu  and the Back  buttons again as in step 3
  2. The main menu will appear, choose (1) Debug Screen, and then (6) Phone Control
  3. From the next screen choose (6) Network Lock
  4. You now get 3 options to choose from, select (3) Person Sha256 Off
  5. Repeat step 4 to get back to the main menu
  6. Now select (6) Common
  7. On the next screen select (6) NV Rebuild
  8. Your Samsung phone will now display a message telling you that a Golden Backup  is available.  Select (4) Restore Backup

Do not worry about what happens next; it may look as if your Galaxy S4 has gone wrong but it hasn’t. The display will freeze first; you will then see a black screen with a blue LED and both Capacitive buttons will light up. Your phone will then reboot itself.

When it has rebooted, provided you have done it right, your Galaxy S4 will be carrier unlocked and you can use whichever SIM you like.