How to Shoot Vertical Panorama on iPhone 5

Apple’s iOS has seen many changes over the years, some of them good, some bad. The latest one, iOS 6, contains some pretty good features and now, for those of you that love to use you iPhone camera, Apple have now given you the option of using Panorama mode.  This is a new addition to the default camera app and it allows you to take beautiful smooth panoramic shots without any hassle.

iphone 5 panaromic

Apple tell you that, to use this feature you should hold the phone in portrait mode. If you know what you are doing you can produce some really nice landscape panoramic shots.  However, you can also use this feature to shoot panoramas of tall stuff, like trees and buildings, in fact anything that wont fit into the normal range. Here’s how to shoot a vertical panorama picture:

  1. Select Camera App, go to options and select Panorama
  2. Rotate the iPhone to horizontal
  3. Take your panoramic shot and press done when finished.

Panorama will save your vertical shot in the correct orientation, meaning that you no longer have to rotate the image to see it properly.