How-to Setup Wi-Fi on iPhone 4 – Ipod Touch 4

Today in this post i will write a tutorial for those who don’t know how to set up a wi-fi on their Iphone 4 or Ipod . I hope this tutorial will help you setup a wi-fi network with your router or tether iPhone 4 . Learn more about WiFi Tethering iPhone .

To get started first we need to set up your username password on your WiFi router . Read the tutorial to setup your router to automatically connect to the internet . If you are wi-fi tethering your Iphone to be used as a router , you need not follow the above tutorial.

Steps to Setup WiFi on iPhone 4 – Ipod Touch 4 :

  1. Goto Settings , Select WiFi
  2. Turn your WiFi to ON
  3. Under WiFi Networks choose a network. Please note that your WiFi router must be enabled and broadcasting so that your iPhone – iPod touch can detect it here .
  4. Select the network of your Choice . If it asks for any security key / WEP , enter the code for authorization that you have set up in your router .
  5. If you have a Hidden SSD , then you have to choose Other and then type the network name to add it on your iPhone 4 iPod.wifi_setup_iphone_4_ipod_touch_4
  6. Keep HTTP Proxy at Auto or OFF and IP address to DHCP to automatically assign IP address to your device
  7. Keep Ask To Join Networks to On so that your device can automatically connect to the network when it is in range .

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