How to Find lost iPhone

Iphone 4 users who have upgraded to iOS 4.2 will get Free MobileMe Service worth 99$ a year . Find My Iphone features is available for all 4th generation iDevices and ipad.

find my iphoneHow is it Useful ?

Specially for wives who want to trace the location of their husband [will show the current location on a map – image below] . The location is determined based on two techniques . Iphone and Ipad that come with GPS get the exact co-ordinates of the devices shown on Google Maps . Ipod Touch 4 gets location information based on less precise WiFi , by locating the nearest Base Station .

The down side of this technique is that , you must have a nearby WiFi Transmitting station to locate your device .

find my iphone 4

Find My Iphone can also be used if you have lost the phone somewhere in your room and is set at silent mode . The app will then play a loud sound for two minutes . This app will also do a Remote Lock and Remote Wipe in case you have lost the phone and have a message display on it [ like ” This phone is lost , call me at this number 123-91- ” etc .. ] .

Find My Iphone is compatible to run on both Iphone and Ipad running on iOS 4.2.

Steps to Setup MobileMe on iPhone 4 :

  1. Download and install iOS 4.2 on your device. [ How-to upgrade to iOS 4.2 tutorial ]
  2. In your Iphone 4 homescreen , goto Settings
  3. Scroll down to Mail – Contacts tab and tap to enter [image below] mobileme setup iphone 4
  4. Now Click on Add Account . [ image below ]mobileme setup iphone
  5. Next screen select MobileMe as shown in the image below. mobileme setup iphone 4
  6. In the next screen you will be asked to enter your Apple ID . [ How-to Create Free Apple ID ]
  7. Verify your account and you can start using MobileMe Services for free on your iphone 4.

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