How to Setup & Connect iPhone 4 with Home WiFi

Use your Home WiFi to connect and open webpages and download music from iTunes quick and easy . Also it is more economical to use your home  internet than the mobile wireless internet which is generally far more expensive and slow .

wifi modem router setup iphone 4

How to connect ?

Connecting your iPhone iPod Touch with your Router – Modem is the easy part . The important step is making the router/modem to self dial and connect to the internet using your username password . Most DSL modems are not setup to dial automatically and instead a dialup connection is created on the computer to do the connection .

Setup Modem – Router :

  1. To connect your modem directly to the internet without a computer , open the modem page by typing on your web browser as shown below . Make sure your computer is connected to your modem-router at this point . router page
  2. This will open the modem – router page . Go to WAN page or Quick Setup page . Enter your Username Password and set it to auto dial . home wifi iphone 4 ipod touch 4 ipad

Setting up WiFi on iPhone 4 :

This method works on all iPhone iPod Touch and iPad .

  1. Go to Settings > WiFi and turn on WiFi to see known networks . Hidden networks need you to put the SSID Name along with Security Code if any . You can set the wireless security to  WEP or WPA .The latter is recommended .
  2. After entering all the detail tap on Join button . Your iPhone 4 will now use WiFi whenever possible .

#TIP : View and operate WiFi directly your HomeScreen

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