How to Remove Water – Moisture from your iPhone

There may be times when you accidentally spill water on your iPhone 4 or drop it in the tub . Here are some ways to dry up your wet iPhone and probably save it for use . This method also works for any electronic device including iPhone , iPod , iPad and other mobile phones and pda’s . Before following the methods below make sure you have turned off your device without inviting further damage and remove the battery and sim where possible .

Method 1 : Bheestie Bag

bheestie bag iphone 4This is a specially treated plastic bag that can be used to absorb moisture from wet phones , cameras ,watches , mp3 players . This is an easy to carry mylar bag containing packets of molecular sieve desiccant which turn from blue to gray . Put your device in the bag and close the zip tight . Keep the device there for 2-3 days to remove all moisture. It is a portable solution to remove moisture from any small electronic device which has accidentally got wet . You can buy Bheestie bag for $17 . Link

Method 2 : Silica Gel

silica gel

Silica Gel pouches are available online or your local store which can be used to efficiently remove water from wet liquid soaked devices . Silica Gel pouches are relatively cheap than Bheestie Bag solution above and can be used for wide range of devices . All you need is a zip pouch to put your device , fill it with a couple of silica gel packets and leave it there for 24-48 hrs to absorb moisture . Link .

Method 3 : Rice

Rice is a natural desiccant which absorbs moisture . It is a natural product that is available in every household . To do this you need a bowl of uncooked rice and then put the device in it and cover it whole with rice grains . Pack the bowl with a plastic sheet so that the rice does not absorb atmospheric moisture .

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