How to Remove Cydia from iPhone 4S

If you have recently jailbroken and Installed Cydia on iPhone 4S , here is the method to Remove Cydia and all the jailbreak apps . Please note that when you remove Cydia , you will also delete the jailbreak apps you downloaded from Cydia , the jailbreak appstore . This method also works for removing Cydia from iPhone 4 and older iPhone models , iPod Touch (all models) and iPads (all models) .

How to Remove Cydia from iPhone 4S :

  1. Connect your iPhone 4S with the computer and backup all your contents , data , contacts , music , videos and images using iTunes Backup feature . All iTunes backup files are stored here .
  2. Now click on Restore button . itunes iphone 4s restore backup
  3. Itunes will connect with Apple Online Store and search for latest update . If there is any new iOS update available it will download the required files and re-install a fresh copy of the OS overwriting all instances of the jailbroken OS .restore in progress iphone 4 jailbreak
  4. After the Restore is complete , your iPhone 4S will reboot .
  5. Install the previous backup (Step 1) . Your iPhone 4S is now jailbreak free .

You can always re-jailbreak your phone in case you change your mind. All your Cydia purchases are stored online and once you re-jailbreak , you can  download them back and use without any restrictions . Cydia identifies your device with its unique device registration code . Unlike iTunes you don’t have to register with an email and password .

Things to Remember :

Restoring your device using the above method will upgrade your modem baseband . Those who unlocked their phones through jailbreak will lose their unlock . Regular users are not affected with baseband upgrades .

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