How to put Iphone 4 in DFU Mode

To restore iPhone to its previous state we need to put it under Recovery Mode. But under some circumstances , Recovery Mode wont just work. In that case you need to put your phone in DFU mode .

How to enter DFU Mode ?

  1. Enter iTunes and connect your iPhone via USB.
  2. Hold down the Home key and Sleep – Wake button at the same time.iphone-4-dfu-mode
  3. Keep holding both the buttons for exactly 10 secs. Then release the Sleep – Wake button. Keep holding the Home key until the dialog box appears saying “iTunes has detected an iPhone in Recovery Mode”.

Note : If you hold the home button too long , your device [iphone ipod touch ipad] will enter Recovery Mode instead of DFU Mode and show the “Connect to iTunes” screen as shown in the image below .

You must now launch TinyUmbrella and click on Exit Recovery [shown in the image below] to get your device out of this recovery state and try the above step again to enter DFU Mode . Watch the video below to follow the exact steps as demonstrated . exit recovery mode

How to put your device in DFU Mode – YouTube Video in HD



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