How to Make Conference Calls on iPhone

Did you know that the iPhone allows up to five calls to be joined together to make a conference call ? Follow the steps below to make conference calls with five different friends and join them in a conference call .

  1. Call the first person . Here we have dialed a sample number
  2. Tap add call button on the bottom left as shown in the image below call merge iphone 5
  3. Choose second person and the first person will automatically be put on hold and you can swap between the calls at any time
  4. Once the second person has answered tap merge calls to make it into a conference call. This can be done with up to five people .

merge calls iphone-

To talk privately to a member of the conversation during the conference conversation , follow the steps below :

  1. Tap Conference
  2. Tap Private next to the name of the person you want to talk confidentially to conference calling iphone 5
  3. Tap merge calls to bring them all back together

If you want to remove someone from the call you can do this by following these steps:

  1. Tap Conference
  2. Tap the red circle with the picture of a phone in next to the caller you want to cut off

If you are not at the limit of the conference callers, and new call comes in, you can answer that and merge them into the call as well. Not only for business use, this is great for friends and family who want to have a get together without having to go anywhere.

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