How to Legally Download iOS 7 Beta 4 on your iPhone 5

iOS 7 Beta 4 has now been seeded to developers, much earlier than thought, following the security breach that closed the Apple Developer Center for a time. However, it looks as though Apple is doing their best to remain on top of things and keep a tight ship running.

download ios 7 beta 4 ipsw

It seems that quite a few people who are not developers have download previous betas and have then promptly taken to Twitter to complain about it. Their complaints include the fact that it is too slow, it destroys battery life and the graphics are not good. If you are not a developer and you are considering downloading iOS 7 Beta 4 bear these things in mind first:

Things to Know Beforehand :

  • Betas are not optimized for graphics or battery life. They are unstable and full of bugs.
  • Most developers use second devices to test the betas on, not their everyday one.
  • Once downloaded you cannot go back and any jailbreak you had will be gone.

If you really want to get your hands on the beta, head over to the Apple Developer Center and register as a developer. It only costs $99 per year and you get to test out all of the new betas and other software first – legally. You will also be covered by Apple and have the support of other developers if things go wrong.

Legal iOS 7 Beta 4 Download Methods:


ios 7 beta 4 iphone 5 OTA download

  1. Open Settings, tap on General and Software Update
  2. Your device will display the new firmware after a couple of seconds
  3. Tap on Download and install  and your device will be updated to iOS 7 Beta 4


itunes ipsw download

  1. Download the OS 7 Beta 4 IPSW – see links below
  2. Connect your device and open iTunes
  3. Choose your device from the list, hold down SHIFT  and tap Update simultaneously
  4. Point to the IPSW and iTunes will update to iOS 7 Beta 4

iOS 7 Beta 4 Official Links : Requires Developers Account