How to Jailbreak iOS 6.1 Beta 3

Those of you with an iOS Developers Account will be pleased to know that iOS 6.1 Beta 3 has now been released, 3 weeks after the last one and includes “bug fixes and other improvements”.  As usual we are going to show you how to jailbreak it, providing you have a pre A5 device.  If you are an iOS Developer then follow these steps below to jailbreak your iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1 :

  1. Download iOS 6.1 Beta 3 from the Apple Developers Centre
  2. Download RedSn0w 0.9.15b3 and the iOS 6 firmware for your device
  3. Make sure your device is connected to your PC or Mac and then launch RedSn0w
  4. When the main screen appears, select Extras > Select IPSW and find the iOS 6 firmware you downloaded
  5. Go back to the main RedSn0w page and select Jailbreak
  6. When this has been done, make sure that Install Cydia is ticked and select Next
  7. Follow on-screen instructions to put your device into DFU mode and let Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 jailbreak do its workiphone 3GS redsnow codes Redsn0w
  8. Back to the RedSn0w main page again and select back > IPSW and find the iOS 6.0 firmware file again. Select Just Boot
  9. Back into DFU mode again and a boot will begin – tethered (as untethered is not available yet). You should see a pineapple instead of Apple logo on your screen
  10. When you reach the lock screen, slide to unlock and go to the second page where you should see the Cydia App.

See the Video instructions below :

And that’s it, your device should now be successfully jailbroken. It’s a very easy process and, if followed to the letter should be successful.