How to Jailbreak Apple TV 4.2.1 – Greenpoison RC6

Greenpoison RC6 was released early this morning to bring untethered jailbreak for Apple Tv 2G running iOS 4.2.1. Below is the complete tutorial to jailbreak your Apple TV using GreenPoison RC6 [Download Here] on Windows System. The tutorial is identical for MAC system . If you have any trouble following the tutorial , just ask a question in the Jailbreak Forum .

Steps to Jailbreak Apple TV 2G using Greenpoison RC6 on 4.2.1 :

  1. Download and install Greenpoison RC6 for Mac and Windows System .
  2. Launch the jailbreak application and connect your device to your computer using the Micro USB Cable [ not provided by Apple ].greenpoison rc6 jailbreak 1
  3. Next step , click on the Jailbreak tab and prepare to put your device in DFU Mode .greenpoison rc6 jailbreak 2
  4. greenpoison rc6 jailbreak 3Follow the instructions and plug-in your device with the power adapter and hold for 3 seconds . greenpoison rc6 jailbreak 4
  5. Press and Hold Menu and Play/Pause button for 7 seconds as shown on the screen . greenpoison rc6 jailbreak 5
  6. Now Release both buttons and Greenpoison will start jailbreaking your device .
  7. After the GreenPoison jailbreak is completed you will see a new Tab in your Apple Tv Screen while the Apple Logo will be replaced by the Skull . Select the tab and go to Greenpois0n > Inject Software > Cydia Payload as shown in the image below .apple-tv-greenpois0n rc6
  8. After the installation is complete , reboot your device for the changes to take place .

Greenpoison RC6 in action – YouTube Video Below :

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