How-to Install WinterBoard Themes on iPhone 4

WinterBoard Jailbreak App allows you to install various themes on your iPhone or iPod touch and replicate different operating system running on your device , like windows phone theme , Android OS theme , Snow Leopard theme etc.

HTC Sense User Interface :

I am writing this tutorial that will explain how to install HTC Sense user interface [WinterBoard Theme] on your jailbroken iPhone . Those steps marked optional can be omitted if you are installing a different theme .

Update : One of our reader informed us that this theme is not working on iOS 4 release and the interface is buggy . So I would suggest that , you can try other themes on your device , as HTC Themes dont seem to support iOS 4 4.0.1 4.0.2 4.1 4.2 and later .

Steps to Install WinterBoard Themes:

  1. First Jailbreak iPhone 4 using JailbreakMe , GreenPoison , Limera1n or other jailbreak Tools
  2. Install Cydia
  3. Search and Install WinterBoard from Cydia Store . Complete tutorial here
  4. Now go back to Cydia and install “iBlank” on your phone [optional]
  5. Connect your iPhone iPod touch with your computer and make sure you have turned off iTunes.
  6. Download and install any iPhone File Browser App on your computer to upload files in the /library/themes of your device
  7. Now Download HTC Theme and unzip it . Copy Paste iVillain.theme and WeatherWidget.theme on the themes directory of your device as shown in the image below . iphone_4_themes_new
  8. Edit the configureme.js file in the Root Directory/Library/Themes/WeaterWidget.theme/Private directory to show the weather details for your city. For that edit the configureme.js file on notepad and replace “San Francisco” , “US” to your own choice. [optional]
  9. After you have done this , most winterboard themes are installed and you can see them inside WinterBoard app .winterboard_installSelect the theme of your choice an then tap the ‘Home button’ and let the Springboard restart to see the theme running. But we need to follow two more steps to install HTC Sense. Steps from here are meant for HTC Sense theme only.
  10. Launch “iBlank app” downloaded in step 4 and create 12 blank icons . What this app basically does is , it creates invisible icons on your device which you have to move across the first 3 rows of your main screen so that clock & weather widgets are properly visible.
  11. Launch WinterBoard app and select WeaterWidget and iVillain as shown in the image below . Please maintain the order in which they are arranged  [WeatherWidget 1st and iVillain 2nd].HTCHeroSenseUITheme
  12. Tap home screen , and you will see this amazing HTC Sense interface in your iPhone 4

Note : MAC OSX Folder in the zip file is for those who want to edit the theme files and are not required for regular installation .

Download HTC Sense Theme

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