How to Install Windows 8 on Macbook Pro using USB

Microsoft has released Windows 8 Release Preview for users before its ( full version ) official release in October 2012 . This download is Free and valid for a limited period . Below are the steps to install Windows 8 on your Macbook Pro retina display using USB drive . Please make sure your USB drive has enough disk space for the boot files to be installed .

windows 8 macbook pro install download

Creating Bootable Device for Windows 8 Installation : ( PC required )

  1. To create a bootable USB flash drive you have to download the USB/DVD Tool from Microsoft . Link . If you don’t have a PC , skip this part and use Boot Camp to create the Bootable device ( explained in the setup instructions below).
  2. Download Windows 8 release preview in 32bit and 64bit versions for Free . You have to create/use a Microsoft LIVE ID to download the setup file in ISO format . Link .   File size for 32Bit – 2.5GB and 64bit -3.3 GB respectively
  3. You will need a PC to install USB/DVD tool and create the bootable device or you can burn the ISO image on a DVD . For that you have to double-click on the ISO image on a PC which will bring you the DVD Burner application . Insert a DVD writable disc in the computer and burn the image as shown here . windows 8 iso image dvd burner
  4. If you are using USB/DVD Tool , insert a flash drive in the USB port and launch the application . Now select the image file when asked . USB tool will create the USB drive for booting . usb bootable windows 8

Steps to Install Windows 8 on Macbook Pro using USB Drive :

  1. After you have completed creating the bootable device (USB or DVD) , locate and run BootCamp Assistant Package on your Mac OSX . You can find the Boot Camp Assistant in the Utilities folder (Cmd+shift+U) .
  2. On BootCamp Assistant select all the tasks you need to perform install windows 8 mac osx macbook pro
  3. Assuming you have already downloaded the ISO file for Windows 8 , if not download Windows 8 in 32bit and 64bit versions from Microsoft’s official website  . You have to create/use a Microsoft LIVE ID to download the setup file in ISO format . Link .   File size for 32Bit – 2.5GB and 64bit -3.3 GB respectively . Now select the ISO image and select the destination disc as the flash drive .how-to-install-windows-8-on-a-mac-5
  4. Bootcamp will now create partition to install Windows 8 on your Mac . Please note that you need at least 30 GB to install the setup files . If you want more space , assign the amount of drive space of your choice .mac osx windows 8 install
  5. Press Install button and your Macbook will restart and the Windows 8 installation process will begin. Insert the bootable USB drive after the computer reboots .
  6. Select your Language in the settings and choose “Custom Installation“.
  7. Enter the serial key for the installation . The default Product Key is TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF . Enter this value and press enter
  8. Select the drive to install Windows 8 on which will be titled Bootcamp . Click “Drive options (advanced)” and then select “Format” button.
  9. After the installation is complete , you will boot into Windows 8

Install Windows 8 Drivers for Mac :

Before you start using WIndows 8 for the first time you need to install all the latest drivers .  For thus you have to press Cmd+E and select the USB drive from the list of drives. Go into the WindowsSupport folder and run Setup. It will install the right graphics drivers and support for the trackpad etc based on your Mac’s version  .

Switch between Mac OSX and Windows 8 :

This process is fairly simple . To get back to Mac OSX, shut down Windows 8 (Cmd+C to get to the power settings) . As the mac restarts press the option key (to the left of Cmd) when your Mac reboots and select the boot partition .

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