How-to Install MyWi 4.9.9 on iPhone 4 Jailbroken

This post is in extension to my article about MyWi Jailbreak app in Cydia Store that turns your iphone 4 into a WiFi router [HotSpot]. This process is also called wi-fi tethering [wiki] . This article will explain how to install and run MyWi 4.9.9 on your iphone 4 .


Compatibility : MyWi 4.9.9 is compatible to run on Iphone 4 , 3GS , 3G , Ipad 3G . You must have a jailbroken iphone or ipad to install MyWi App . [Jailbreak iphone 4 4.1].

Features : MyWi 4.9.9 has improved USB Tethering, Bug Fixes for iPhone 3G and Fix for networking configuration after MyWi is turned off.

Steps to install MyWi 4.9.9 :

  1. Remove any Tethering app already installed in your phone . [also existing mywi app]
  2. Now go to cydia and search MyWi as shown in the image below [version 4.9.9 or 4.9.10] MyWi_4.0_4.9.9_1
  3. Tap on the selection and you will be shown the following screen [image below]. Tap on install .MyWi_4.0_4.9.9_2
  4. MyWi Jailbreak app is now installed on your iphone . Goto springboard and you can see the MyWi icon.mywi1
  5. Tap on the icon and it will pop up the agreement for using the trial version of MyWi . Proceed with accepting it and your device must reboot now .

If your device dont reboot automatically , you may have to reboot it manually before you can start using the tethering app .If you have not purchased the app , it will show you a trial notification every few minutesĀ  for 3 days before the trial expires .

Cons : The new version 4.9.9 is priced at $19.99 and upgrade price is $9.99 . I think it’s a bit expensive and the developer should consider reducing its price to make it more affordable . [prices indicated are true at the time of writing this article].

Alternative Apps : PDANET 4.18 .

Please let us know how this jailbreak app worked for you . If you have any questions or feedback to give , please use the comment box below . Join us on Facebook for more updates and jailbreak apps .