How to Install iOS 5 without Developers Account

Please Note : This tutorial works only for installing iOS 5 beta 2 firmware which is officially available here to developers (account with access to all beta releases for a yearly fee of $99 ). If you are not a developer , keep reading .

Works on iPhone 4 3GS iPod Touch 4 . The method may be fixed in next beta release and wont work as explained. Try at your own risk .

iOS 5 notifications

Steps to install iOS 5 Beta 2 without a developers account :

Option 1 : There are two ways yo getting iOS 5 activated on your iPhone . First Download iOS 5 Beta 2 from torrents and install it using iTunes by pressing Shift+ Check for Updates key on iTunes and selecting the downloaded iOS 5 ipsw . Now locate your device UDID Number and get a friendly iOS developers to add it for their account or you can buy a developers account for $99 . This is required to activate your iPhone when it has been restored to the new firmware .

iphone restore update

Option 2 : Download and install iOS 5 beta 2 using the method given in Option 1 . Steps for bypassing UDID Checks below .

1. Press Home Button on the iPhone’s Activation Screen.
2. Tap the “Emergency Call” button.
3. Dial 112 and press the Call button.
4. Press Home button.
5. Tap “Touch to return to call”
6. Press Home button.
7. Open “Phone” app and End Call.

Check out the video below :

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