How to Install Glowing Apple Logo on iPhone 4

A chinese company has released a video to install Glowing Apple Logo on the rear of your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S by replacing its original back cover . This is a $40 do-it-yourself kit that replaces your existing iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S back panel with this glowing light rear panel . The manufacturer claims that the mod can be done at home without any expert help within 5 minutesĀ  . When completed , it will appear just like the MacBook Glowing Apple Logo . This iPhone mod first appeared in September this year launched by team iPatch and was priced 79 Euros . The Chinese have significantly cut down the cost by half and made it affordable for any iPhone 4 iPhone 4S user .


How to Install Glowing Apple Mod on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S :

  1. First take out the two screws at the bottom of your iPhone 4 near the speakers
  2. Now remove 5 screws to release the EMI shield
  3. Lift up the connector that powers the main display (touch screen) .
  4. Connect the light panel to the phone power source
  5. Cut the 3M sticker to size and place it just where the light panel is positioned
  6. Screw back the 5 screws in place which are removed in Step 2
  7. Place the transparent back panel and screw back the final two screws to complete the process .

Below is a video proof of the mod being done by one of their own men within 5 minutes . The guy is definitely experienced and knows what he is doing . For a normal user who is opening his/her iPhone for the first time , this thing is definitely achievable and wont take a whole day .

Note :

  • Increases battery consumption by 1%
  • Long life LED lights
  • No over heating issues
  • Completely Reversible
  • Turns on when front display is active

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