How to Get Flash on iPhone 4

Apple will now allow Flash based applications on your iOS device . Lot of web pages use flash , but you cannot see then on your web browser . Frash

To run Flash application on your iPhone 4 , iPod Touch 4 , iPad follow the steps given below. You must have a jailbroken device to install Frash [ the flash app for iOS]. Read the JailbreakMe Tutorial .

Steps to install Frash :

  1. Jailbreak Your iDevice
  2. Now Select Cydia from your Springboard
  3. Select Manage then Sources
  4. Now choose Edit and tap on Add. Enter the following URL
  5. Frash_on_iPhone4

  6. Search and Install Frash from Cydia
  7. Frashon_iPhone

  8. Complete the setup and reboot your device

Now you will be able to flash-based content on any website. Please remember that Apple didn’t allow flash-based browser because it consumes more power . If you experience lower battery time , switch off flash but searching it in Cydia and un-install.

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