How to Hide App Icons on iPhone 4

If you want to hide the icons on your iPhone iPod Touch iPad , just jailbreak and install SBSettings jailbreak tweak and follow the steps mentioned below. Alternatively you can install an app named “Poof ” . How to use these two applications explained below .

Method 1 : SBSettings

  1. After you have installed SBSetting , open the SBSettings dashboard by swiping left to right on the top of the screen
  2. Tap on More button which will show the following menuĀ  hide hide app icon
  3. Now go to Hide icons .
  4. This will bring the menu which will allow you to turn on of off the display of any icon on the home screen .
  5. To display the icon , just follow the steps again and enable the icons display .

Method 2 : Poof

Poof is another free to download jailbreak tweak which simply hides your app icons . However it comes with an icon for itself unlike SBSettings where there is no icon for the tweak.

  1. To use poof , just download it from Cydia
  2. Launch poof application from your homescreen. This will bring the following screenpoof iphone 4 hide icons
  3. Turn off the apps whose icon you want to hide .
  4. Reverse this method to un-hide the icons .

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