How to get Refunds from AppStore App Purchases

If you have recently purchased an iOS app from Apple AppStore and are not satisfied with it , here is a way to get a refund of the purchase .

Steps to get refund on AppStore App Purchase :

  1. Download iTunes on your computer and launch the application
  2. Login to your account (as shown in the image below) . If AppStore is disabled on iTunes go to Edit  > Preference  > Parental and unselect iTunes Store .itune store appstore
  3. Scroll down to Purchase History and select See All .
  4. You will now see list of purchases as shown in the history list (image below)appstore purchases
  5. Select the App for which you want to claim a refund by clicking the arrow icon at the left of the specific app listing and in the consequent page click “Report a Problem
  6. Choose a problem from the drop down menu providing detailed explanation of why you are seeking a refund in the comment box and click  on Submit button .app-store-refund problem

Note : Apple customer care takes weeks to refund customers for app purchases .

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