How to Get Better Resale Value for your Used iPhone 4S

Are you looking to sell your iPhone 4S ? You could just advertise it and hope for the best but, if you want the best value for your used iPhone here are some tips on getting it ready for sale at the best price:-

  1. Make sure your iPhone 4s is cleaned properly. Nobody wants to buy a device that is covered in dirt and greasy fingerprints. If you can, get hold of a kit called iClean – this contains a proper solution for removing scratches and the correct type of cloth to use.  If you can’t get,do not,under any circumstances use household cleaners or anything that contains ammonia or abrasives as this will damage the oleo-phobic coating on the iPhone 4S. Use a soft, very slightly damp lint-free cloth, preferably micro-fibre to wipe over your iPhone. Use a small brush or a compressed air device to clean dust from the ports. iphone 4 cleaner - cleaning solution
  2. Is your iPhone 4S jailbroken ? Remove it. Not everybody agrees with jailbreaking and it could damage your chances of a sale, even though it is perfectly safe and can be reversed.  Restore your iPhone 4S back to factory settings to remove the jailbreak and upgrade to the latest software. This can be done using the Restore function in iTunes (iTunes 11 restore functions shown below). iphone restore itunes 11
  3. Clear your iPhone 4S of personal data, such as emails and text messages. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All.
  4. Hopefully you still have the original box and the bill of sale from when you purchased your iPhone 4S. This, together with all the peripherals, such as USB cable, charger, sim removal pin, etc, will increase both the value and your chances of making a sale. iphone 4s packaging
  5. When your iPhone 4S is ready for selling , find the best market place for it. Putting an ad in your local newspaper will not generate much interest so choose a worldwide portal such as Ebay or Amazon. Selling to an individual is more profitable for you than selling to an online company or trading it in. More information about trade-in programs here . ebay-amazon-best buy


Following these tips will help you to get more value for your used iPhone 4S. One last tip, do not forget to take your sim card out of the phone before you ship it.