How to Force-Quit Unresponsive Apps on iPhone

Apple has produced some marvelously powerful devices in their time, particularly the iPhone, but we have to remember that these are no longer just phones. Rather, they are mini computers with a phone attached, a mobile desk if you like. Unfortunately, holding so much power they can go wrong, just like with an ordinary computer. One of these things is an unresponsive screen or an app that locks up leaving you with the option of a hard reboot or turning the device off and then on again. .Now though, there is an easier way to force-quit an unresponsive app and get back to your home screen .

Steps to Quit Unresponsive Apps :

1. First, double-check that the app cannot be quit by pressing on the Home button once, or by pressing twice and selecting another app.
2. If this has not worked, press down on the lock button and hold it until the Slide to Power Off slider appears.slide to power off iphone 5
3. Immediately let go of the lock button and hold down the home button straightaway. DO NOT SLIDE TO POWER THE DEVICE OFF.
4. Very shortly the unresponsive app will shut down and you will be taken back to your home screen.

You shouldn’t have to do this too often but it is good to know that there is an easier way and one that saves a lot of time and frustration. If this doesn’t work, you always have the option of a hard reboot to fall back on by pressing the lock and hold buttons simultaneously for 7 seconds.