How To Fix iPhone 5 Camera Purple Haze Problem

Every time a new mobile device enters the market, it seems to come with a set of problems. The iPhone 5 is no exception to this. Alongside the monumental Maps mess, some users are reporting that a purple haze is appearing on some of their photos.  This has been jumped on as yet another flaw in the iPhone 5 but whilst apple initially claimed that it was due to incorrect holding of the device, it has been determined that it definitely is not a hardware problem.  The purple haze occurs when photos are shot under certain conditions, usually into bright light. It’s not just a problem with the iPhone, many SLR and point and shoot cameras suffer the same as well.  Case manufacturers have attempted to come up with a “fix”, with accessories such as the CamHoodie making an appearance. This looks like an ordinary case but has a rubber ring on it that surrounds the aperture on the camera and effectively stops unwanted light from seeping in.


Short of replacing the camera on the iPhone 5 (which, let’s face it, isn’t going to happen) there is no proper fix for the problem.  However, users can try changing the angle at which they shoot; not facing it towards a bright light source and guarding the lens against light will all go some way towards helping. Experimentation is key here and taking several shots of the same thing from different angles will give you an idea of how best to use the camera to eliminate the problem.

Another option is an app caller Camera Fix, which, while it cannot fix the hardware, it can make your images look cleaner, and it claims to be “the first app to solve the purple-fringe problem on photos”. It is available from the App Store at just $0.99, alongside many other different camera apps.

iphone 5 purple haze photo problem fix

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