How to Fix iPhone 4 Home Button Problem

Here is a quick tutorial to recalibrate your iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch home button and make it more responsive. This will also fix any home button related issues like Home Button Not Working after Jailbreak . The problem of Home button not working may be due to a software of hardware problem with the button . If restoring/updating the device doesn’t fix the problem , follow the methods explained below .

Method 1 : This is 3 simple steps to increase the responsiveness of iPhone Home button .

Steps to Recalibrate iPhone 4 Home Button :

  1. Open any native application on your iPhone 4 (phone ,mail,weather,contacts etc)
  2. Now press and hold the Power button at the top of the device so that “Slide to Power Off” appearsslide to power off iphone 4 white turn off
  3. Leave the Power button and press and hold the Home button and keep it pressed until the “Slide to Power Off” button disappears and the device goes back to the HomeScreen

Thats it . You home button is now recalibrated and should be more responsive from now on . This is the same method use by Apple Store employees to fix any home button problem related to responsiveness while pressing it .

Method 2 : Activate assistive touch on iOS 5 and later firmware . Those with a broken physical home button can try this method instead for going in for an expensive repair bill for replacing the home button.

Steps to Activate TouchScreen Home button ( Assistive Touch Feature ) :

  1. Go to homescreen and navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch and turn it on .

Now you will se a home button being displayed in the right hand corner . Tap on it to choose the inputhome button fix assitive touch iphone 4If you have any problem with your Home Button not working , Feel free to leave your question in the Jailbreak Forum .