How to Fix Failed Jailbreak

Occasionally while jailbreaking iPhone users comes across some problems which leaves the device unusable . Errors during jailbreak is quite normal and can be easily fixed . If you have recently tried jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod and it didn’t go well , here are few things you can do .

fix jailbreak errors

Common Errors during Jailbreak :

All the above mentioned problems can be fixed easily without any technical know-how . The thing you have to do is get the device to DFU mode . New iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad users start to panic as soon as their device goes kaput after jailbreak and then they fret on their decision of jailbreaking . DFU mode can be easily achieved with correct timing of holding the power and home buttons . See instructions below to put your device into DFU mode .

Things to Know for Jailbreakers :

  • Jailbreak does not hardware damage the device
  • Jailbreak is reversible and all errors can be fixed at home
  • These jailbreak problems require some time to fix and works on hit and trials for success . So be patient and try the methods explained below

How to Fix Failed Jailbreak :

  1. Uninstall and re-install iTunes or move to a different computer with iTunes installed
  2. Put your device in DFU mode (image below).dfu mode iphone 4
  3. Keep holding Home button and connect to iTunes via USB cable
  4. iTunes will detect your device in Recovery Mode .
  5. Press Restore button , agree and install the firmware . This will put your device to original state. Remember to backup so that you dont loose any data .

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