How to Find UDID of iPhone iPod Touch iPad

Soon after iOS 5 Firmware was released people wanted to get their pre-release version of iOS which required you to provide your iPhone’s UDID Number . We will go in details about UDID today and explain you how to find the UDID number for your iPhone iPad iPod Touch .

What is UDID Number  ?

UDID or Unique Device Identifier Number is required to beta test iPhone Applications , including beta releases of iOS Firmware [only available for developers] .

How to Find UDID Number ?

Finding UDID number for your device is simple.

  1. Plugin in your device to your computer via the USB Cable . Wait for iTunes to recognize your device and show up in the screen .
  2. Select your device in the sidebar and check under the Summary tab UDID iphone 4
  3. Click on the Serial Number of your device . This will reveal the alphanumeric string also called the UDID Number for your device as shown above .
  4. To Copy this number to your clipboard , press Cltr + C keys on your keyboard.

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