How to Find Lost – Stolen iPhone

Losing your iPhone is almost guaranteed to be more dangerous than losing your wallet. Wallets hold debit cards, credit cards, ID and loyalty cards. An iPhone has the potential to hold all of that information on various apps eBay, Amazon, Groupon, etc., but also allows access into your emails, address book, calendar and personal notes.

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Because losing your iPhone could be harmful to your privacy and not just your bank balance it has spawned an outburst of apps to help you locate and retrieve your missing phone. Here we look at some options you might want to think about if you are looking for protection for your phone and your data.

iGotYa – Jailbroken Devices only

iGotYa is a nice little security app. Ensure you have a password set up for your device and then enter your email address in the apps settings and enable secure mode. Then if your phone gets stolen and the thief enters one incorrect password their photo and GPS location is sent directly to your email allowing you to pass on the evidence to the authorities.

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After two failed attempts it will wipe your iPhone of all data to protect against forced entry. But never fear, once you recover your device and input the correct password your data will reappear!

This app is $4.99 on the Cydia App Store. Read more .

Find My iPhone

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No jailbreak needed here. This app is one of the most popular on the App Store. It has a broad range of features to accommodate anyone’s level of security for their iPhone. Download the app first of all and enable it in the phone’s settings. If you lose your phone you can sign in to and it will try to pinpoint your device’s location on Google maps. You can then send a message with an alternate phone number in it to you phone in the hope that someone has found it and wants to return it to you. If the phone looks close to you, you can make the phone play a sound in order to locate it.

If you have had no luck you can remotely lock the device, setting a password of your choice, or wipe off all the data to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. If you get your phone back you back it up from iTunes or iCloud. This app is free from the App Store. iTunes Link .


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This app is fully comprehensive and offers some of the best security out there. This app is designed to work on all devices, phones, laptops and tablets. Once you activate Prey you can gather all the information possible about the location of your missing phone GPS location, screenshots, network information as well as being able to send alerts to the screen, secure your data, sound an alarm and remote lock.

You are able to get a free version of Prey or the Premium starting price from $5 a month up to $399 for business looking to insure up to 500 devices. For details visit the official website .

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locate find iphone lostThis app tells you the location where your iPhone was last seen before its battery died out . This is useful when the phone has been lost for quite some time and not been traced . Read more .

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