How to Enable Panorama Feature on iOS 5

Apple had a mention of Panoramic feature on iOS 5 during their keynote presentation back in June but after iOS 5 was released no such feature could be seen. One jailbreak developer has found in the code of iOS 5 which can enable Panorama just by changing the value of a .plist file to “Enable” . To be precise you have to access the file named “” and put the settings “”EnableFirebreak” to “Yes” . This will enable the Panorama feature when you use the iPhone camera (procedure explained below) .

panorama iphone 4

This feature is currently hidden by default and can be activated using a simple jailbreak tweak named FireBreak (download instructions below) . No file editing on the part of the user is required once they download and install this jailbreak tweak. This option works only on iOS 5 and gyroscope enabled devices like iPhone 4 and iPad 2 . No icons are added to the home screen . The Panorama button is added to the option menu on camera app .

Download :

Search and install FireBreak from Cydia . You must have a jailbroken iPhone 4 to download this tweak .

Non-Jailbroken Devices :

  1. For iPhone’s which are not jailbroken you have to download and install applications like iBackupBot .
  2. Backup your iPhone 4 on iTunes
  3. Launch iBackupBot and in the left hand panel select your device .
  4. Locate the file here “Library/Preferences/”  .
  5. Double click the file to open and edit panorama iphone 4-
  6. Directly below <key>DiskSpaceWasLow</key> <false/>, add<key>EnableFirebreak</key> <true/> then hit the disk icon to save or press Cltr+S. firebreak 360 degree panorama iphone 4
  7. Restore to your backup by clicking on the Restore Backup File icon with an arrow on the menu .
  8. Launch camera app to see the new Panorama feature .