How to Send Photos from iPhone iPod iPad

Sending photos as attachment from iPhone iPod iPad is very easy and quick. You can just snap in a picture and email it immediately , in under a minute , depending on the speed of internet/WiFi you have . This comes in handy when you want to report a live event as fast as you can to your friends , office etc .

In this tutorial I will explain you how you can select and send one /multiple images from your iPhone iPod Touch iPad.

Step 1 :

To email a single image first open the image and click on the icon at the left hand corner as shown in the image below .

Step 2 :

This will bring up a menu with the option to Email Photo . Tap on this and the email will be attached to a new mail .

Step 3 :

Add the address of the recipient and the subject / message which is optional . Tap on the Send button , and its done .

email images from iphone ipod ipad

To email multiple images :

The process above needs to be followed with some changes . Now in the photo gallery click on the icon at the left corner and select the images by just tapping on them . Only a maximum of 5 images can be attached at a time . Then follow step 2 and 3 to email the pictures .

emailing images from iphone ipod ipad

Note : You mail should already be setup through the native mail application. You can just connect your Free Gmail  – Yahoo account to send emails from your iPhone . Read How to set up email on iPhone

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