How to Edit and Add Reply Call with Message Text on iPhone 5

When your phone rings you don’t or can’t always answer it. For iOS 6 users, Apple has included the ability to be able to send a text message to a caller from one of the 3 that they have included in the feature. Simply swipe up the phone, select the one you want and send it.  Now though, you can add your own customised message and set it to send at the touch of a button.  Here’s how:

  1. Go into Settingserase iphone 5 contents (2)
  2. Select Phone icon photo 1
  3. Select Reply with message photo 2
  4. Select one of the default messages and type your own message over the top of it photo 3
  5. Exit from settings reply with message iphone 5

Now when you receive a phone call, swipe up the phone icon and you will get a choice – select Reply with message and your new message will be sent to the caller.

You can be as creative as you want with your messages and the beauty of it is you can send this message even while you are driving, as there is no need to type anything or have to look at the screen to select the relevant text message.