How to Download iOS 8 Beta

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference kicks off in just 43 days’ time, on June 2nd in San Francisco. The start time for the 5 day event is 10:00 AM but obviously, this will be different, depending on where you are.

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It is expected that iOS 8 will be unveiled during the keynote speech, which will be streamed live again this year, followed shortly afterwards by the release of iOS 8 beta 1 to the developers. Anyone who is a member of an official paid Apple developer program will be able to download the beta through the developer website. We will also be providing links for download here on this site.

According to Apple, the conference will be the arena for them to show off what they consider to be the latest advances in technology, in terms of both iOS 8 and Mac OS X 10.1., codenamed Syrah at the moment.

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ios 8 screenshots

iOS 8 is thought to have little in the way of aesthetic changes but quite a lot when it comes to new features and apps. So far, according to rumor and predictions, we have heard about the following changes .

iOS 8 New Features :

  • Healthbook – a brand new health and fitness tracking app
  • TextEdit and Preview – Mac OS X apps that are coming to iOS, to allow for better file sharing via iCloud
  • Maps App – apparently undergoing some serious work
  • Tips – No-one is quite sure what this is for but is has shown up on an image of a leaked screenshot
  • Better Inter-App Communication – Easier data and file sharing without having to go between two apps

There are bound to be other changes that we cannot even begin to guess about because, as we all know, Apple is not known for letting anything slip, preferring to go for the “shock and awe” type of announcement instead.

Mac OS X is thought to be undergoing changes in looks, with a slightly more iOS 7-type of design, although perhaps not quite so flat at this stage.

If you are eagerly awaiting the start of WWDC 2014 and want to get your hands on the first iOS 8 beta, the keynote speech can be viewed live at the following times, depending on your region:

Stay tuned to this site because we will be bringing you all the latest news, as it develops, from WWDC 2014.

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