How-to Downgrade from iOS 4.1

Apple released iOS 4.1 firmware last week with many new features like HDR Photography and Gamecentre . Inspite of repeated alerts from us and the Dev team , many of you must have upgraded to iOS 4.1 and lost your jailbreak for iOS 4.0.1 . This tutorial will help you get back to older firmware and restore your Jailbreak .

#Important : You need your SHSH Blobs for the downgrade . Learn how to create SHSH blobs.

Downgrade Steps for iOS 4.1 on iPhone :

  1. Download your SHSH blobs from Sauriks server on your PC. For that you have to download Tiny Umbrella .
  2. Select the “Advanced Options” check box. Now under “Device/Version”, select the firmware version to which you want to downgrade (ie your previous JB version) as shown in the image below.downgrade
  3. Now click on “Save My SHSH” .This download and save your SHSH blobs from Sauriks’s Server.
  4. Now download the firmware you want to downgrade . iOS 4.0.1 in this case.
  5. Switch your mobile to DFU mode.
  6. Now Run TinyUmbrella and select “Display SHSH” . After doing that , Select “Start TSS Server” as shown in the image below.iphone 4
  7. Launch iTunes . Older version preferably [pre iTunes 10 release].
  8. Plugin your iPhone and hold down SHIFT Key [Win]/ ALT Key[Mac] as you click on Restore.
  9. Now you phone will be downgraded to older iOS version of your choice.
  10. Open Tiny Umbrella and click on “Kick device out of Recovery” . Now you are done

Note :

  • iTunes may give you the following error messages [error 1011, 1013, and 1015]. Just ignore them , you’ll be just fine.
  • For downloads , refer to our iPhone Download Section.