How-to Delete Jailbreak Apps from Iphone

If you are a download freak , Jailbreak Apps downloaded from Cydia will soon pile up on your device . You may want to clean up unused apps from time to time , but removing jailbreak apps from your iphone 4 is not an easy task as deleting app store apps [tap and hold]. In the tutorial below i will explain ways to remove jailbreak apps from your iDevice [iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad] in easy steps.

cydia apps remove

Method 1 :

Launch Cydia on your jailbroken phone and press the Manage button at the bottom of the screen [as shown in the image below]. Now Tap on Packages. Find the jailbreak app that you want to delete and hit the Modify button in the upper right corner. Now Tap on Remove and your jailbreak app is deleted .

remove cydia apps

cydia apps remove tab

Method 2 :

This is the easy method and a two-step process . For this you have to download and install a Jailbreak Tweak called Cydelete . It’s a free jailbreak app which you can easily download here .

cydia delete apps

After having installed the tweak on your device you can tap and hold any jailbreak app before it starts to wiggle . Now press the cross as the top left of any app icon to directly delete it from your homescreen .

delete cydia appsMake sure you install LockDown Jailbreak Tweak to prevent accidental app deletion . visit our Jailbreak Apps Section for more awesome tips and tweaks for your phone .

Please share any other way to delete jailbreak apps from your iDevice and share it through the comments section below .

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