How to Delete Apps from iPhone 4

There may be several unused apps on your iphone 4 that you want to delete . To delete any app on your iphone 4 all you have to do is press and hold any icon on your homescreen. This will put your device into wiggle mode and all the icons will start to shake . All these icons will now have a cross symbol as shown in the image below. Tap on the cross of the app you want to delete and it will be removed completely from your device .

delete apps iphone 4

Please Note that you cannot delete System Apps like iPod , Mail , Notes etc . Whereas you can delete downloaded apps like iBooks , Angry Birds Games etc .

Delete Jailbreak Apps :

To delete jailbreak apps downloaded from Cydia you have to install Cydelete , a jailbreak utility that comes for free download [BigBoss Repository] and allows you to delete any jailbreak app on your device following the same process as above.

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