How to Create Folders on iPhone 4

Starting iOS 4 you can make Folders and group apps to save space on your iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4 iPad 1 and 2nd gen . Using Folders on your iPhone 4 you can quickly access similar apps arranged according to their categories or keep unused apps in one folder so they don’t clutter up the space .

Additional Space Saving Tip : Use Five Icon Tweak to put 5 icons instead of default 4 on homescreen , dock and task switcher multitasking menu . Read More

Note : The iOS theme used here is Suave HD which can be downloaded here .

Method 1 : Create Folders on iPhone 4 :

  1. First Tap and hold an app icon on the Home screen until it starts to wiggle .
  2. Keep holding the icon and drag it over another icon to create a folder. folders-iphone-4-
  3. You can drag more icons to this folder adding upto 12 apps in one folder . A total of 180 folders can be created in your iphone . These folders are automatically named according to the apps you put in it like , Games , Social , Utilities etc .iphone4_folder create
  4. Now click on HomeScreen to stop the wiggle and return to normal mode . To access the apps , just tap on the new folder and it will show the apps .

Method 2 : Creating Folder using iTunes :

You can uses the same process above to create folders using iTunes on your computer which makes it even faster .

  1. Connect with your USB cable
  2. Launch iTunes and select your device in the left panel
  3. Go to Apps beside Summary tab on top navigation
  4. Click and hold the apps you want to merge , and drag it to another app to create a folder . You can also organize jailbreak apps using this method . Sync for the changes to take place .

make folders iphone 4 itunes

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