How to Create Fake SIRI Screenshots

SIRI is one of the most discussed topic on the web today with amazing responses from the intelligent voice assistant . How many of these screenshots you see are real ? You can create Fake SIRI Conversation using Photoshop but not everyone knows how to use it . For them here is a web app that allows you to create fake SIRI conversation with the click of a button .

fake siri comments

The web app named lets you enter your own conversation and the carrier ( AT&T , Verizon or Sprint) . iFakeSIRI is created by the makers of , a Fake iPhone SMS web application .

Steps to Create Fake SIRI Conversation :

Step 1: Open the following website on your web browser :

Step 2: Choose your Carrier

Step 3 : Enter your comment in the following format.

Me: Your Comment

SIRI: Response from SIRI

Step 4 : Then enter the captcha at the bottom and press the “Create Your SIRI Conversation” button . The fake screenshot will be generated as shown in the image above .

Step 5 : Copy the image URL in the left sidebar and paste it where you want to show the screenshot image .

Now go ahead and use your imagination to create the SIRI Conversation of your choice . No iPhone Required for this trick . Share this article if you like it . Give us a Google +1 and Like us on Facebook .

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