How to Create Fake iPhone SMS Conversation Screenshots

You have certainly seen them floating around your Facebook page or even on your favorite entertainment site lately, as they are a funny as hell relatively new trend that is just brilliant for pranks. Usually, these screenshots present an iPhone image that shows several private SMS’s between two people and that, by definition, are absurd, unconventional or even ludicrous, as the conversation at some point gets unreal, doubtful or just plain idiot in a humor kind of way. This hype led many people to want to create their own, and it suddenly blew so out of proportion that these days you can even pimp your screenshots with adds that will make them look much more vivid and realistic, like phone carrier network and other customizable options, as if we were talking about a real SMS exchange between people. In the end, it’s all about fiction getting as close to reality as possible.

Tools of the trade

fake sms iphone 6

As you might have figured by now, there are several applications that let you create these screenshots easily and for free, and usually the only differences are in regard to custom options or graphical design, meaning that in short they’re all quite alike, give or take one or other feature.┬áis one of those apps, and to my knowledge it’s one of the most easy and at the same time graphically savvy and friendly around, as it lets you insert a glossy and shiny image of an iPhone, the before mentioned carrier network, the contact’s name and also the time of day the messages were sent and read, for example, which enhances reality even further. Another popular application is iFakeText, based exactly on the same principle but sporting less graphical features.

It’s done, so what now ?

Now you’ll have to download your work onto a .png file (for obvious quality reasons) and then you can happily share it over Facebook or any other social network for a bundle of fun. In retrospect, and after you know how to create them, the only thing you need to add is creativity and a sharp sense of humor to the formula for an instant gag festival. The beauty about it is that you can prank and punk anyone, so give it a shot after you find your victim(s).

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