How to create Blank Icons on the Home screen without Jailbreaking

The lack of an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 means that owners have not been able to customize their phones how they want to, at least not very easily. It isn’t impossible to do though, especially as more and more non-jailbreak tweaks are becoming available. While these cannot give you the desired root access to the iOS, they will do the trick until the jailbreak is made public.

One of the newest is a tweak that allows non-jailbroken phones to display blank icons on the home screen. This gives you the tools you need to simulate rearranging your icons wherever you want them. Rather than run through the process, as it is quite lengthy, watch this video – it will show you very easily how to do it.

You will find that not all wallpapers will work very well with it. If you want the blank icons to look invisible then you will need to use a black wallpaper.