How to Enable Facetime Over Cellular on your iPhone

AT&T’s customers are getting more than they bargained for as the company begins a hushed up roll-out of FaceTime over Cellular to all users.  Traditionally, only those with the LTE service on AT&T network were able to use it but more and more customers with LTE are discovering that the service is working on their devices.  Devices that are now apparently now eligible for the feature include the iPhone 5, 4S, iPad 3 and 4, running on iOS 6.

facetime iphone 4

It does seem to be a random rollout though, with there being no rhyme nor reason as to who gets it and when.  Previously AT&T announced that they would be enabling FaceTime over Cellular for all of their customers that were on a “tiered data plan” but this caused an outcry as it effectively locked out those on grandfathered unlimited data plans and those who were using an iPhone 4S.  However, AT&T are gradually phasing out their unlimited plans and pulling everybody onto tiered ones anyway so that would have been their get-out. However, maybe it’s because of this outcry that they have begun the roll-out, albeit in a fairly secret manner.

If you are an AT&T customer and your device is one of the supposedly eligible ones you can check to see if FaceTime over Cellular is enabled by following these simple steps :

  1. Turn off your device and reboot it;
  2. Go to Settings > FaceTime and look to see if “Use Cellular Data” is switched on. facetime over cellular iphone 5

If it is switched off you can switch it on. If your device is enabled for FaceTime over Cellular then it will switch on without a problem. If your device has not yet been enabled you will get a warning box pop up that tells you your data plan is not compatible and to contact AT&T.

It seems to be a gradual rollout so, rather than all and sundry flooding AT&T’s switchboards, keep an eye on your device and keep trying over the next few weeks – the chances are, at some point, it will be enabled for use with your data plan.